Hello world, my name is Jen Simmons. I’m the creator and host of The Web Ahead, a popular weekly radio show about the future of the web. I speak at conferences, design web-based products for clients, and advise projects on where things are going.

I live and work in Brooklyn New York, traveling to the woods to climb a mountain or paddle a kayak just as often as I can. Usually with my dog, Maggie.

Interviews with Jen

Non Breaking Space
A chat with Christopher Schmitt and Sam Kap in Feb 2014
The East Wing
A conversation with Tim Smith in March 2013
The Shop Talk Show
A conversation with Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert in Dec 2012
5by5's The Crossover: Assumptions
A conversation about sexism in tech with Gina Trapani, Dan Benjamin and Haddie Cooke in Dec 2012
5by5 Specials: Thank You, Steve Jobs
A collection of stories, thoughts, and memories about Steve Jobs and Apple from Oct 2011
The Daily Edition: I Love New York
An interview with Dan Benjamin in March 2011
The Big Web Show
An interview with Jeffery Zeldman in Jan 2011
Drupal Voices: Jen Simmons on Usability, CSS3, and Getting Bartik into D7
An interview with Kent Bye about my creating the Bartik theme for Drupal 7, and presenting on usability in Drupal.


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