Assessing 2016 & Planning 2017

I sat down tonight to get a handle on just how much I’ve been doing this year. Invitations for next year’s conferences are starting to come in, and I wanted to get some metrics from this year to assess what’s reasonable for next year.

* March–October 2016
* 8 months
* 118 days on the road
* 130 days home
* 30 presentations
* 5 week-long, in-person work sessions

Ok. That is way too much. It’s hard not to be home. I love presenting, and want to be at ALL THE CONFERENCES, but I can’t travel that much next year. I’d like to be on the road 20-30% of the time, not 50%.

If you are interested in having me at your conference, especially to do an all-day workshop, please contact me soon. Otherwise it will likely be too late.