Help Needed to Get LibSass 3.5 Done

I can see a conflict coming. And either Sass will loose, or named lines in CSS Grid will loose. You’re going to be forced to choose between the two — unless we can find some C/C++ programmers to help make the next version of LibSass.

What am I talking about?

CSS Grid is coming, and it’s awesome. You might not have had a chance to wrap your head around it’s power, but wow, it’s amazing. And powerfully complex. One thing it let’s you do is name areas and lines. And place items into grid cells by referencing those names. But here’s the thing, it uses some syntax that’s new to CSS. Line names introduce square brackets. Like this: grid-template-rows: [start] 1fr [mid] 1fr [end];.

And the thing is, Sass hates those brackets. It chokes on them. It refuses to parse a file that has brackets in it.

I think this has been fixed in the next version of Sass — for Ruby. The fix is all ready to go.

But there are two versions of Sass, written in two different programming languages. Ruby Sass runs in Ruby. And it’s slow. LibSass is much faster, since it’s closer to the metal. There’s a good chance you are actually using LibSass without paying attention to which one you installed.

The thing is, LibSass is written in C/C++, and the number of engineers who are excited about both C/C++ and CSS is, well, small.

Now before anyone *splains me to say you can unquote the brackets to force Sass to allow them, I’ll say, yes, I already know that.

foo { // wait this is not it
  bar: unquote("[foo] 1 [bar] 2");

You know what — it’s a horrible pain in the ass. Combine that with the complexity of Grid and the steep learning curve of learning Grid, and forget it. Not going to happen.