Apologies for My Lady Brain Taking Up Space

Too long for Twitter…

Current status: Using my substandard lady brain to write an article for you about the most complex CSS module of them all, the CSS Writing Modes Module Level 3. Too bad for you I’m the only one around here who can explain this. Wait — I mean, I’m sorry that my presence is taking up a spot that should be going to by a guy who’s smarter and better than me. I feel sad for him. He should write this article for you instead.

Only, I don’t know of any white men who understand this spec. I’m sure there are some, since all the white men who invented the web didn’t bias the entire thing toward English, and only support Latin-based languages. No, not at all. The web is only 25 years old. Of course it didn’t take until late 2015 to have full support in CSS for languages that flow in different directions. No. You had this from the beginning. You are fully qualified to be the authority here. Go for it. It really is the white men who deserve to get a spot on stage to talk about this first. Sorry that I did an hour long talk about it last November, and will again all next year. Sorry it wasn’t a white dude first, even though the only other people that I know who understand this stuff are people of color — most of whom live in Asia and speak fluent Chinese or Japanese. So. Sorry to the white men who’s rightful spot we’ve taken away. We are thinking of you and offering you our sadness. We grieve for your loss of the right to be seen and heard.

And I apologize to those of you reading this that you are stuck with my lady brain writing this article for you. I know you would rather hear from another white man. Truly, you would. I know. I look at the Twitter follow counts across the industry, where a woman around a certain place in her career will have 10–25k followers, and a white man at about the same place in his career will have 50–150k. We know who you listen to more. So I’m sorry. So sorry I can’t be that trusted white man for you. I know you would rather have him.