Innovation and the Power of the Web

People are struggling to design and plan web properties, looking to everyone else for inspiration. Because if everyone else is doing it, that’s how it should be done, right?

But innovation doesn’t work this way. It’s not how you’ll break ahead of the pack. Nothing changes if we solve problems by mirroring what’s already been done. Don’t risk being left in the dust when a competitor takes a fresh approach and solves problems in a way you didn’t see coming.

Jen wants to help you put your company in the lead. She’ll explore:
• Giant changes in the history of human technology and the role of the web
• Emerging web technologies that are worth a deeper look
• Fresh ideas for layout innovation, real-time communication, and offline possibilities
• Innovative brains—sharpen yours by watching for where things might go next

Presented At

  • UX Immersion Mobile Conference
    Apr 13, 2015 to Apr 15, 2015